Convicted child rapist guzzles poison as verdict read in Texas court

Edward Leclair was convicted on five counts of child sexual assault and guzzled a mysterious liquid as each "guilty" verdict was read.

Study blames climate change for children eating too much and not exercising enough

A study from Temperature argued that rising temperatures have caused children to stay indoors, grow inactive, and eat more.

At Boston Children's Hospital, illogical and destructive gender ideology reigns

Several videos from Boston Children’s Hospital on transgender children are making the rounds. They highlight how destructive the transgender medical agenda is for children and how illogical transgender activists are.

Salman Rushdie ‘on the road to recovery,’ agent says

"The Satanic Verses" author Salman Rushdie was taken off a ventilator and able to talk Saturday, a day after he was stabbed in upstate New York.

IRS, Still Searching for Leaker of Billionaires' Tax Returns, Set to Hire 87,000 More Staff

As Washington Democrats are about to hire 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees, those who allegedly leaked ...

Fernando Tatis Jr. suspended 80 games for violating MLB PED policy

Tatis Jr. tested positive for Clostebol, a performance enhancing drug, and will be suspended for 80 games.

Teachers union tells educators to ignore Florida law on not teaching gender identity in schools

"In short, from what we know right now, you can continue with the same practices and procedures you used last year unless given a directive to do otherwise," the union tells teachers.

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