Tom Brady could end up in New England this offseason, Patriots insider says

Quarterback Tom Brady hasn't said if he will return for his 24th NFL season next year, but he will be a free agent if he does. One longtime Patriots writer thinks New England could come calling.

BREAKING: CCP announces they will ease Covid restrictions in key cities amid White Paper Protests

Lifting of Covid restrictions has been called something of a surrender, that the CCP is “throwing in the white flag.”

Politico Lies To Push Trans Kids Toward Castration Over Real Care

Politico should have done far better than stating opinion as fact and blithely ignoring concerns that medical experts have raised.

Florida School Boards Flip Red, Immediately Oust Superintendents Who Oversaw Mask Mandates

Two school boards with Conservative majorities parted ways with their school's superintendents, both who implemented mask mandates into the fall of 2021.

GOP senators to withhold support for Defense funding until they get vote to end military vax mandate

Seven GOP senators have vowed to withhold support for the National Defense Authorization Act

NY Democrats want taxpayers to shell out $300M to help illegal migrants avoid deportation: ‘We have a moral obligation’

Two Albany Democrats, originally from New York City, are pushing for a bill to cover the legal fees of illegal immigrants battling deportation, which would cost taxpayers roughly $300 million, the New York Post reported.Manhattan Senator Brad Hoylman (D) and Queens Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz (D) su...

Janet Yellen blames Americans' 'splurging' for record-high inflation

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen centered her reasons for near 40-year-high inflation rates on Americans 'splurging' on purchases during the pandemic.

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