Democrats are pushing for permanent monthly child tax credit payments. They might have to settle for a one-year extension.

This month, the Treasury Department distributed more than $15 billion in payments to families of 61 million children.

SJC Rules on Complaint Against Missouri Presbytery - byFaith

The Stated Clerk’s Office with the approval of the SJC, is now making the full text of the judgment available at the byFaith website.

CDC director: U.S. may change definition of "fully vaccinated" as boosters roll out

Walensky explained that since not everyone is eligible for a booster, the definition has not been changed "yet."

Supreme Court Rules Texas Abortion Ban Can Keep Saving Babies From Abortions -

The Supreme Court today refused a request by Joe Biden and abortion businesses in Texas to block the Texas abortion ban that has saved thousands of babies from aboritons. The nation’s highest court agreed to review the pro-abortion lawsuits against the abortion ban and set oral arguments for November 1. That means the ban will […]

Alec Baldwin Fatally Shoots Crew Member With Prop Firearm on Film Set, Authorities Say

The movie’s director of photography was killed and the director was injured on the set of “Rust,” a Western, a sheriff’s office in New Mexico said.

Comic book artist quits DC comics over changes to Superman: 'I’m tired of them ruining these characters'

A comic book colorist says he is fed up with the left turn at DC Comics and he is quitting over the latest left-wing change to the Superman character. Gabe Eltaeb made the comments during a guest appearance on a YouTube show hosted by Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver. "What really pissed me ...

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