Disturbing video shows moment beloved activist, poet is randomly stabbed to death in front of girlfriend on NYC street

The girlfriend of Ryan Carson, 32, raises her hand to stop the attacker, who then turns on her, spitting in her face. He then kicks Carson’s mortally wounded body on the ground and storms away.

DNC Officials Are Freaking Out Because They Can’t Get Enough Minorities To Represent Them

High-ranking officials at the DNC are expressing significant worries that the committee is not meeting its self-established minority representation goals.

BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy REMOVED as House Speaker

Members of the House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Kathy Hochul wants to limit migrants, says border is 'too open' – NY governor had far different message about illegal immigration not long ago

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul broke rank with the Democrat Party by admitting that the U.S. southern border is "too open" and there is an illegal immigration crisis under President Joe Biden. However, Hochul had a far different message about the border crisis not too long ago. During a "Face the Nation...

Criminal-Friendly Seattle Is So Bad This Guy's Shocked When a Judge Won't Let Him Go

Seattle’s so woke that the criminals think they run the justice system now, and we can prove it. There was a delicious bit of schadenfreude in court on Thursday listening to an accused bad guy a...

White House prohibiting official travel to fossil fuel conferences, internal memo shows

The Biden administration issued internal guidance for senior officials, prohibiting them from attending global conferences that promote fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.

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