House votes to pass Equality Act, prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

The legislation would amend federal civil rights laws to ensure protections for LGBTQ Americans in employment, education, housing, credit, jury service and other areas.

California judge names homosexual male "throuple" as legal parents of 2 children

A California judge has ruled in favor of three men being listed as the legal parents of two children born to surrogate mothers using donor eggs.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US

NEW YORK (AP) — February is usually the peak of flu season, with doctors' offices and hospitals packed with suffering patients. But not this year. Flu has virtually disappeared from the U. S. , with reports coming in at far lower levels than anything seen in decades. Experts say that measures put in place to fend off the coronavirus — mask wearing, social distancing and virtual schooling — were a big factor in preventing a "twindemic" of flu and COVID-19.

Why Democrats’ Equality Act Is Dangerous To Gay People Like Me

It’s not fundamentalist Christians trying to erase lesbians and chop off children’s genitals, it’s self-described progressive Democrats. Don’t let them.

Check out this extensive list of genders NYU accepts and decide if you're a Maverick Demiboi or a Novigender Two-Spirit

Here's how NYU, one of the most well known universities in the nation, asks you for your gender:

The Equality Act: What to know and what to do

You should only care about the Equality Act if you are a Christian, or a person of faith, or a woman, or own a business, or run a nonprofit, or go to school, or teach at a school, or are a medical or mental-health professional, or (especially) are a female athlete, or under the age of 18, or ever use a public restroom.

CDC Report Buries Shocking Data About Asymptomatic Spread

If the contagiousness of people without symptoms does not drive the spread of SARS-COV-2, then restrictions on the general public don't make sense.

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